“Software artists”

Solutions and services

Custom solutions

Do you want a solution that fully meets your requirements and needs? We are ready to respond quickly and qualitatively to all the technological requirements of your business. We offer a wide range of services and cover leading technologies.


Every serious business must have a quality ERP system. Therefore, we have developed BGA, our ERP solution for budget users of all sizes. BGA is an integrated solution that supports various modules and is tailored to the regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

Digital transformation

Transform your company digitally. Centrix2 and Pismohrana are our modern, complete, and comprehensive solutions that optimize your office operations and facilitate the process of managing documentation and archive material.

Energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency is a key way to achieve sustainable development goals. IoT Complete Solutions help you leverage data collected through IoT devices and turn them into meaningful insights. Responsibly manage resources, reduce costs, and carbon footprint.