“Paperless office” – data in the palm of your hand, processes under control

Centrix2 is a modern, complete, and comprehensive solution for office business management.

It is fully harmonized with the Regulation of office operations and accompanying legislation. Well-organized business processes are the basis of the efficient operation of any organization. By using the Centrix2 solution, you will provide your organization with efficient electronic business through the centralization and standardization of work and supervision over all office business processes, as well as reducing the need for the use of physical documents.

Office work

Why choose Centrix2?


Centrix2 includes a systematized approach that regulates the receipt of letter documents, their records, and organization into subjects, classification, circulation through the organization, dispatch, and permanent or limited storage in the archive.

ISO certificate

It holds the ISO 15489 certificate, which guarantees compliance with the best world standards and practices set for systems and processes for managing documentation and accompanying processes and deadlines.

All office operations

Centrix2 consists of a package of five integrated applications that electronically support the entire office business process:


Book of received mail


Registration of letter documents


Letter documents processing






Applications can be put into operation together as a complete solution or individually, and the system can be upgraded as business needs grow.


Integrated with organizations’ systems for digitization, storage, and document management, Centrix2 is a powerful tool for efficient electronic business that helps to achieve significant savings.

A solution you can count on in the long term

A conversation about a new business solution

Superior design

Centrix2 was designed from the ground up to be easily expandable with new functionality and capabilities.

A high degree of adaptability to specific needs makes it a reliable platform for all types of organizations – from simple to complex.

In addition to business applications, the solution also comes with a set of services for connecting to other business systems, smartphones, and electronic services.

Benefits of implementation

By implementing Centrix2 you get:

  • A high level of security that ensures complete control over access rights to information and content and reduces financial and business risks
  • A high degree of adaptability to the specific needs of the organization as a living system that is constantly developing
  • Centralized and timely access to information that saves time and increases productivity and process efficiency
  • Smart search that makes documents and information quickly accessible
  • Joint work on documents ensures an increase in efficiency
  • Complete digital processing of documents, which includes the possibility of completely eliminating paper by digitizing the approval process and electronic signature
  • Proper and regular monitoring of task execution and deadlines
  • Digitization, standardization, and optimization of your business

Saving time and money

According to research, employees spend as much as 20-30% of their working time searching for necessary information and documents.

Seen over a period of one year, this represents a significant financial cost. Centrix2 minimizes that cost with a built-in smart contextual search that makes information and documents quickly accessible.

Trust and information security

Also, Centrix2 places great emphasis on confidentiality, which is ensured by a combination of sophisticated technologies for defining the structure of the organization and tools for full control of the allocation of access rights to information and content.

All changes are permanently recorded in the system, so that, if necessary, all events can be subsequently analyzed.

This avoids security risks that can lead to financial costs and loss of client trust.

Centrix2 is a new generation of solutions with which we continue to build a mosaic of modern office business based on ten years of experience in the development of the first generation.

Today, more than 10,000 satisfied users use Centrix2 in their daily work.
Contact us to join them.

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