Application on the palm of your hand


Omega Software’s Centrix2 solution also came to life in the mCentrix mobile application, which is used for digital approval and verification of electronic documents.


The application offers users many benefits such as:

1 Review of the documentation

Review of the documentation they received for processing (for inspection, initialing, or signing).

2 Confirmation or rejection

Confirmation or rejection of received processing of documents and the possibility of sending them for further processing.

3 Subsequent inspection and verification

Subsequent inspection/verification of the entire processing flow, i.e. procedures for each received document.

Using the application

The application is connected to the Web Centrix2 solution via an API. To log in to the application, it is necessary to be logged in to the company’s VPN, otherwise, the user cannot log in.

The username and password are the same as for the user’s computer.

In addition to the listed benefits, all prerequisites for connecting to the AKD electronic signature service (Agency for Commercial Business Ltd.) have already been created for users in the application.

Application versions

  • Android
  • iOS

Review the Privacy Policy.

mCentrix UI

The mCentrix application brings significant improvements and a number of advantages that will help users.

Why Omega Software?

Omega Software offers its clients complete, stable, and reliable business information solutions. By monitoring technological trends and continuous professional training, we enable our users to transform technological possibilities into business realities. The exclusive focus on the development and implementation of business information systems and strategic partnerships with other leading IT companies are a guarantee that Omega Software has the experience, knowledge, and strength to realize even the most demanding projects.