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Open data

Omega Software creates creative software solutions and innovations in the field of informatics that enable more open communication between citizens and city authorities.

We developed OpenDataStore (ODS) – a platform that provides real power to open data and offers numerous solutions for smart cities, regions, or countries to open up to their citizens in a simple way.

Using OpenDataStore (ODS) platform

All solutions are carefully designed to meet the requirements of managing a modern city:


Portal otvorenih podataka

ODS se temelji na portalu otvorenih podataka i aplikacijama usko povezanih sa standardiziranim modelima podataka usmjerenih prema poboljšanju kvalitete života građana.



Pokazivanjem otvorenosti i transparentnosti stvara se veza povjerenja i razumijevanja s građanima, a gradovima olakšava ispunjavanje zakonskih obveza i donošenje odluka.


Microsoft Azure

ODS platforma je smještena na Microsoft Azure infrastrukturi što je čini fleksibilnom s obzirom na povećanje opterećenja i uvijek lako dostupnim.

OpenDataStore (ODS) platform:

ODS OpenDataPortal


ODS OpenDataPortal is a web solution for publishing, managing, and updating open data. Collected data are published on the ODS OpenDataPortal and are simultaneously available to citizens.

These data are, for example: locations of schools and kindergartens, meteorological data, statistics and financial data, etc. The information published in this way is available to everyone and is an invitation to creative entrepreneurs to use it as a resource for creating innovative applications that will further serve citizens.

ODS DataStage

ODS DataStage is a web solution for the publication of open data from internal registers and is for internal use. It is a very simple tool for converting data from various registers and other sources into CSV format that complies with the provisions of the Law on the right to access to information Official Gazette no. 25/13, 85/15 that published data must be in ‘machine-readable form’.

After ODS DataStage converts the data sets into the appropriate format for you, with one click you can send them to data.gov.hr, the state portal for the publication of open data.

ODS DataStrage allows you to:

  • Independently define data sources
  • Easily add new datasets
  • Gain insight into the prepared data sets
  • Describe data sets according to data.gov.hr nomenclature
  • Convert and publish data in CSV format on the data.gov.hr portal
  • Receive notifications of changes to the data source

ODS DataStage software has a very simple interface and is extremely intuitive to use. By opening the program, you have direct, updated, and detailed insight into the data sets, and you decide which of these sets you will publish on the central state open data portal data.gov.hr.

ODS MyCity

ODS MyCity is a web and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) solution for reporting irregularities by citizens in the city. ODS MyCity is used by citizens via the web or installed on their smartphones and through it, they indicate the location accompanied by an explanation and/or images of places in the city that require repairs or intervention by city authorities.

Most often, it concerns blocked sidewalks or parking lots, illegal garbage dumps, irregularities on the roads, etc. City employees are enabled to respond to these reports and thus inform citizens about the measures taken.

By combining the ODS OpenDataPortal of open data and the ODS MyCity solution, cities send a message to their citizens that they want to be more efficient and transparent and that they are ready to accept suggestions for improving the quality of life in the city.

Proven quality

Omega Software will provide you with:

  • Help in the assessment of the “AS-IS” condition and in the analysis of data sources
  • Help with the design of the data publishing process and the implementation of ODS DataStage
  • Training for IT users regarding the preparation of data sources, configuration, and maintenance of the ODS DataStage solution
  • Training for business users (responsible for publishing data) related to work methodology, processes, and the use of ODS DataStage solutions
  • Help during the initial setup of the ODS DataStage solution and when publishing new datasets.
User satisfied with the quality

Why Omega Software?

Omega Software offers its clients complete, stable, and reliable business information solutions. By monitoring technological trends and continuous professional training, we enable our users to transform technological possibilities into business realities. The exclusive focus on the development and implementation of business information systems and strategic partnerships with other leading IT companies are a guarantee that Omega Software has the experience, knowledge, and strength to realize even the most demanding projects.