Records, organization, and control of documents

Pismohrana is a modern, complete, and comprehensive solution for managing documentary and archival materials and processes.

Pismohrana is fully compliant with the Law on Archival material and Archives, while the data in Pismohrana is formatted according to the International Norm for the Description of Archival Material ISAD(G) and the International Norm of Archival Normative Records for Legal and Natural Persons and Families ISAAR(CPF). It is the holder of the ISO 15489 certificate, which guarantees compliance with the best global standards and practices set for systems and processes for managing documentation and accompanying processes and deadlines.

The use of Pismohrana

Pismohrana enables:


Digitization of material management


Optimization of material management


Standardization of material management


Control of access, review, and work by material


Monitoring access to material

Features of Pismohrana


A high level of security that ensures complete control over access rights to information and content and reduces financial and business risks.


Centralized and timely access to information saves time and increases the productivity and efficiency of the process.


High efficiency of human and spatial capacities in Pismohrana.


Smart search makes documents and information quickly accessible.


A high degree of adaptability to the specific needs of the organization as a living system that is constantly developing.


Proper and regular monitoring of the terms of storage, extraction, and delivery of materials to the competent body of materials.


It enables the management of physical and digital material.


It provides a foundation for the stability of the work of preserving the past, today and for the future.


Pismohrana establishes the digitization and digital transformation of businesses.

By using Pismohrana, you will provide your organization with correct records, storage, and extraction of materials, timely delivery of materials to the competent institution, follow the highest standards, regulations, and norms, reduce the need for physical archives, and minimize the possibility of loss and destruction of valuable materials.

Advantages of Pismohrana


For administration

⦁ Clear assignment of responsibilities
⦁ Protection of information value and reduction of the risk of material loss
⦁ Reduction of manipulative costs of working with material
⦁ Ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and professional norms and standards
⦁ Integration and storage of electronic material in any existing DMS system

For employees

Simpler records and manipulation of materials using additional technologies (e.g. RFID technologies)
⦁ Facilitated reporting to the competent archive
⦁ Supported storage of materials in an orderly state paired with items in the Special List
⦁ Easy selection and extraction of materials
⦁ Collaboration with users of materials
⦁ Continuous monitoring of material flow

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