Improve your business

BGA is a modern developed ERP solution for managing the operations of small, medium, and large companies that are budget users, and is specially adapted to the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

BGA brings the best practices into your business and as a very flexible business solution, it can be easily adapted to the user’s needs. BGA provides access to the application to users from anywhere via computers, tablets, or mobile phones. It is ideal for users who want their own highly specialized modules, completely according to their own needs and natively integrated into their ERP solution.

Business cooperation

An integrated solution

BGA is an integrated business solution that supports the following modules:

Finances and accounting

BGA allows you to have insight into the business in real-time. In this way, you can gain greater control over budgets and cash flows and create independent financial analyses of the data generated in the business system.


This module makes it possible to shorten the flow of information from the initial offer and creation of the invoice to billing by connecting sales and accounting. Connect your sales and marketing teams, and act quickly on sales inquiries directly from Outlook. Managing multiple addresses for shipping items, billing, and invoicing the customer is now much simpler.


BGA enables the monitoring of your suppliers, the generation of inquiries to suppliers, the creation of purchase orders, and the monitoring of ordered and delivered goods and services.

Warehouse operations

BGA consolidates important organizational information in one place, and automates manual processing, connects processes and workflows. It enables inventory management and provides management with clear information on how to reduce unnecessary inventory in warehouses in order to reduce unnecessary and additional costs in operational business.

Travel orders

A specially adapted module for creating and monitoring travel orders, entering all types of expenses, and creating calculations of per diems and the total calculation of travel orders.

Additional modules

  • Liquidation of incoming accounts
  • Payments Property
  • Payments Property and small inventory records
  • Planning
  • Main book
  • Human resource management
  • Record of working hours
  • Safety at Work
  • Payroll
  • Property management
  • Controlling
  • Reporting
  • Foreclosures
  • Billing

Why Omega Software?

Omega Software offers its clients complete, stable, and reliable business information solutions. By monitoring technological trends and continuous professional training, we enable our users to transform technological possibilities into business realities. The exclusive focus on the development and implementation of business information systems and strategic partnerships with other leading IT companies are a guarantee that Omega Software has the experience, knowledge, and strength to realize even the most demanding projects.