Modern technologies to improve everyday life

IoT Complete is a multifunctional integrated platform for managing “smart” things. It is fully adaptable to the specific needs of any business.

It is easy to implement for every user. Regardless of the sector, activity, and type of company, it is necessary to collect, process, and analyze the data that comes from the devices we use every day.


Meant for everyone

IoT Complete is intended for every company, every private or public administration unit that manages or depends on some "thing" - that is, some piece of hardware in its business. For example, temperature management in a warehouse or cold storage for a meat producer, or temperature management in document archives that legally need to be kept and preserved.

Numerous benefits

The improvements resulting from the use of the IoT Complete platform are the result of the interconnectedness of the system elements. Each "piece of the puzzle" affects the overall positive developments. IoT Complete leads to timely and better quality information, infrastructure improvement, business optimization, occupational safety, etc.

Smart cities

Better than 'ordinary' cities

The use of IoT improves the management of the city or state service system in the short term, and in the long term brings great benefits to citizens such as:

  • reduction of pollution
  • improving the state of the environment,
  • improved protection of people and cultural heritage

IoT frees up resources that can then be directed to activities that bring additional benefits to society.

Improvement of communal services

For example, reading the water level today is a slow, repetitive, and manual activity. With the help of IoT, the water level can be under constant control in several places. Also, waste containers in cities can be either overfilled or time and fuel can be wasted to take away half-empty units. Using the IoT, waste containers can notify themselves when they need to be emptied.

IoT solutions and application possibilities:

Technologies of the future


The IoT complete platform, through its application, enables the protection of citizens, the socially vulnerable, cultural heritage and equipment, and the improvement of the quality of life.

IoT Complete solution:

It enables the measurement of air quality parameters and various climate parameters, as well as access control and presence records in the company’s business premises.

Traffic and infrastructure

By managing circulation and traffic infrastructure, it is possible to reduce environmental pollution caused by searching for a parking space for a long time, and the riskiness of situations that can cause traffic accidents is reduced.

IoT complete solution:

It ensures traffic routing and sending information to drivers about free parking spaces.


By managing circulation and traffic infrastructure, it is possible to reduce environmental pollution caused by searching for a parking space for a long time, and the riskiness of situations that can cause traffic accidents is reduced.

IoT Complete solution:

It enables the collection of information from communal measuring devices in real-time, comparison of consumption, notification of potential leaks and losses, and monitoring of the operation of the entire system. It is one of the factors of a smart city, helping the urban area to be more sustainable, healthier, and better for the life of its citizens.

Public lighting

Public lighting is one of the public services that all local communities must provide in order to make that space safer and more accessible for all residents of their community. The technical development of public lighting infrastructure is shaped by the needs of local authorities to fulfill two requirements: limiting energy consumption and reducing light pollution.

IoT Complete solution:

It enables the management of LED lighting and smart IoT lighting. The system manages the lighting fixtures in real time and monitors the lighting level and the energy used, which enables better visibility of the surfaces and considerable savings in energy and maintenance costs of the lighting fixtures.

Smart city

Smart cities are no longer the distant future or science fiction. They are our present and near future. Many countries have realized the importance of the digital transformation of today’s cities. The number of inhabitants is increasing, but the infrastructure remains the same. For this reason, changes and innovations are necessary, and they need to be implemented in order to make the life of citizens better and simpler.

IoT Complete solution:

It is the ultimate implementation of all other implementations of the IoT Complete platform, which enables the collection of data from the entire range of IoT devices for smarter and more efficient management of a wide range of city services and facilitating the lives of citizens, e.g. transport management, waste management, and asset and resource management.

Data usage

With its intuitive interface, IoT Complete allows users to easily use complex data sets and use them to optimize the desired part of their business.



Data can be collected from all current types of IoT devices and can be viewed in real-time using a computer or mobile phone.


Data is processed following a predefined set of business rules for each user, thus enabling data relevance and speed of reaction.



Collected data is analyzed according to user requirements and needs to make more effective business decisions based on real-time data.



Input data from smart IoT devices are analyzed and displayed on a user interface with the ability to process the data in accordance with the user's needs.


The use of IoT Complete is enabled in two ways:


IoT platform as a cloud service, located on commercial cloud server systems according to the SAAS (software as a service) model.


The on-premise IoT platform is located on the customer’s infrastructure.


Smart lighting

The existing lamps were replaced with LED lamps with built-in LoRa controllers that enable two-way communication with the lamps.

The autonomous operation of the lamps was set up in such a way that at sunset the lamps themselves turned on at maximum intensity, and at sunrise, they were completely switched off.

This way of working led to better lighting and greater energy savings.

Smart parking

Real-time detection of individual parking spaces from images or video. The camera/sensor recognizes objects in the parking lot.

The number of free parking spaces is sent to the IoT platform, analyzed, and forwarded to applications for display on various devices. Information about free parking spaces is shown on displays located on parking signs.

With the help of “smart” parking, citizens know exactly where to park, instead of going around in circles looking for a free parking space.


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