Create preconditions for the responsible management of your resources


MyUtility is a specialized app that helps you answer the question of where and how energy and water are consumed.

Monitor the consumption in real-time, compare collected data, create various reports, and make it easier to plan and optimize future consumption. By using IoT technologies, achieve the set goals of reducing consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions.

The app enables the recording and reviewing of cost centers, measuring points, monitoring of current and past energy parameters, analysis of collected data, and generating alarms.

Systematic energy management

✅ Support during the setting up of the systematic energy management model (SGE)

Savings verification

✅ Assistance during savings verifications achieved through the implementation of energy efficiency measures

ISO 50001

✅ Support during the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard

Consumption optimization

✅ Support during the consumption optimization process

(E)SG reporting

✅ Support during (E)SG reporting

An integrated solution

The MyUtility app is a multifunctional integrated business solution that supports the following modules:


Quick and easy overview of all data on measuring points in just a few clicks. We also support a graphic display of data for each measured quantity separately.

Establishing a remote reading of energy consumption and using an application for monitoring the consumption of electricity and heat according to the Ordinance on the system for monitoring, measuring, and verifying energy savings is considered an incentive measure. The measure contributes to energy savings of 1% of annual electricity consumption in the service and industry sector (2% in households) and 2% of annual heat energy consumption in the service and industry sector (3% in households).


Viewing interactive cards with key consumption data from measuring devices enables quick detection of irregularities and timely reactions. Cards are linked to other modules in the system, facilitating access to additional information.


An overview of all cost centers that provides insight into a set of basic information and related documents connected to buildings, parts of buildings, or any other system such as water supply, photovoltaic power plant, filling station, heating, cooling system, and other.


Overview of collected and aggregated data in various graphical and tabular views. With the help of our analytical module, it is possible to quickly and easily conduct data analysis and create reports. An additional benefit is that all reports can be saved in the app, which further speeds up each new analysis and saves time.


View and manage alarms categorized by severity. Based on alarms insight, there is an opportunity to react to observed irregularities promptly.

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